Do you own your own vehicle and would like to know more about the region?

This is a perfect option for you. You can accompany the ALTUS Tourism Cooperative or any of its associated companies in the development of the corresponding tour using your own vehicle, so you would not cancel the associated transfer costs.

What is our tour guide service?

Within the possibilities we offer for you to know the wonders of the Tarapacá region, it is through the contracting of the tourist guidance service, within which the report of our different routes, the ability of the guide to react in emergency situations within the development of the guide. However, this service does not include tourist transport, since the client or tourist will develop the route in their own vehicle, which must have the necessary conditions to support the contracted routes. The Cooperativa de Turismo ALTUS or any of its associated companies is not responsible for the failures or situations that the client may face both on the road, as in the operations of the vehicle, mechanical, electrical failures, etc.

It includes:

Full tour guide service as appropriate for the selected tour.

The cost of the different food and / or lodging services that are available in the sectors where the corresponding tour would take place. It should be noted that the customer agrees to pay for these food services to local suppliers (including these in the final price), since this includes a fundamental factor in the vision and social responsibility of the ALTUS Cooperative and its associated companies ( see mission and vision ) Failure to comply with such condition would immediately void the contracted tourist guidance service agreement .

Important: See general terms and conditions of the tours

For additional information on the food and / or lodging costs associated with the corresponding tour please call +56978044118 or if you prefer you can approach our offices located in Avenida Baquedano with Gorostiaga # 301. Iquique.

Please indicate in the lower section the name of the corresponding tour and select the number of people who will participate.

Tourist guidance service restricted to a maximum of 5 people per vehicle.

Tourist Guidance Service

$50.000 CLP